4 letter domain name topped the list of more than one month Sedo prices turn over 5 times

renamed China (eName.cn) May 27th news, according to foreign news last week, on the platform of Sedo completed a total of 598 pen domain name transactions, the total transaction amount of $1 million 100 thousand.


in the 598 pen domain trading turnover is the highest 4 letter domain name fbet.com for 50000 euros (about 337320 yuan), and the domain name more than a month ago in the Sedo transaction amount of $10099 (about 62655 yuan). More than a month’s time on the price of more than 5 times.

combination of domain name myfood.com to $33500 transaction (about 207830 yuan), the domain name registered in 1997, has a history of registration for 18 years, there is the meaning of my food, suitable for the establishment of food websites.

4 digital domain name 8255.com to $26500 (about 164419 yuan) was bought by the Chinese people. At present, the number of domestic 4 digital.Com domain names are now from the 5 to the 7 digits, the market is also good, the recent rise of concern.

country TLDs last week good performance, cz.cc and joy.eu are sold for 10000 euros (about 67445 yuan), mexico.tv to $9000 (about 55842 yuan) followed by.


addition, zb.org to $10099 transaction, 1win.net sold at $6000, hamburg.info to 6000 euros deal.

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