Fruit electricity supplier nvisible King from 0 to 1 a few decisions

2015 in the first month, every day sales exceeded $100 million, which is equivalent to its sales in the first half of 2013. In the acceleration curve upward inflection point, the fruit industry is also quietly brewing a new round of reform, import cherries and Zespri kiwifruit, is no longer the most sold Carrefour or WAL-MART, but every orchard this online fruit seller, in some segments of the fresh, new big game player is coming.

when the ocean were all found, is to come in a throng the nuggets. To 2014, Lenovo, lack of fresh electricity supplier sf this is not lack of money and nouveau riche, resources of the brightest entrepreneurs. When the scenery and fighting at the same time, the electricity supplier will be staged drama fruit how? What factors will determine who is the final winner? In the judgment of the fruit electricity supplier in the road work for six years every day orchard founder Wang Wei, after 2015 will be dropped from the vertical fresh 100 to four or five, and share the key to the orchard every day from 0 to 1 in the process of doing and long-term effects.


orchard CEO Wang Wei

every day

billion state power network


Wang Wei: come out of the rural science and engineering senior engineer, his love of fruit from childhood, school holidays together with his parents sell fruit, sitting in the car before liberation truck Highway at night time, from home to Shanghai 8 hours blowing cold also happy. He said he was grateful for fruit, fruit as a hobby to run a business, rather than an air outlet opportunistic. This simple entrepreneurial heart, to help him smoothly after six years of hard work.

Several key decisions in the early stages of

recently billion state power network: fresh electricity is too hot, big and small new entrants everywhere. You enter this industry is relatively early, in order to make a new vote in the fruit electricity supplier, what do you want to say?

orchard every day Wang Wei: do not do a good job of five to ten years of preparation, do not come in. Unless his entrepreneurial model is very innovative, there is no chance.

billion state power network: only if the early start said, new entrants on the road there will be what the pit? What is the orchard every day the most painful things in the early start of


orchard every day Wang Wei: every day when the orchard to sell fruit on the Internet, there is no one can refer to the object, the entrepreneurial process of some uncertain factors really painful. Fresh electricity and other electricity providers have a great difference, fresh products are not fixed, but varies with the season, but also the uncertainty of the quality of agricultural products, like 70% of our products are imported fruits, which requires us to judge the market is extremely accurate, and the ability to control the supply chain is also very strong.

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