Heat transfer products the era of personalized clothing has come

with the progress of the times, people’s character is totally different, change, personality is the pronoun of this era as the face, clothing is more so. Print dress, personalized apparel open era, will be written into the personality of each piece of clothing! Join the print dress, highlight the personality!

making heat transfer products is a hot project in recent years the rise, its core is the thermal transfer printing technology. Thermal transfer technology has very broad application market, as the current like baking cups, baking pan, etc. are the same as porcelain technology. Due to the technical content is not high, similar to the current investment in the market is very large, joining some of the costs of up to several million.

processing principle and product application due to heat transfer products in Europe and the United States has long been popular, is a mature business project. Pyrography jeans and classic fashion. From the market perspective, the apparel industry is always a rich gold mine in China, leisure clothing self and personality characteristics of consumption has been very clear, this creates a good market foundation for heat transfer products.

traditional clothing line is out of production and processing, the personality and creativity of young people, so the clothing to show if taste is not enough. Can you participate in pyrography garment design, give full play to their creativity and artistic talents, with patterns of individuality. The picture is the one and only clothing. From the point of view of daily necessities, almost all of the children’s clothes are decorated with patterns, some adult clothing, bags, hats, bags, etc. also printed with a variety of patterns. Transfer of these clothing plays a role.

Daily necessities for heat transfer including:

mouse pad, puzzle, hat, scarf and gloves, cotton uniforms, sportswear, children’s clothing, bags, bed sheets, curtains etc.. From the machining process, heat transfer is extremely simple, so it is very easy to learn. If directly use transfer paper printed pattern making. The process is first printed the clothes ironed in hot stamping machine, the clothes of moisture evaporates, and then put on the transfer paper in the position above the need for pattern, adjusted the temperature, pressure and hot stamping machine, after a few seconds. A print dress is complete.

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