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now is a year of graduation season, at this time of the year is time, college students find jobs more frequently and at the same time, now college students employment problems has been put on the table, local governments are also trying to help students.

What is the main reason for the

the difficult employment of college students? For this problem, issued by the Jiangsu pilot report on the new generation of employees’ work values in this way: that the employer, mainly caused by the difficult employment of graduates "employment orientation is not reasonable" (36%) the lack of occupation ability, work ability and competition ability of the enterprise and the requirement of "third" (34%). One factor is the employment information channel is not smooth, the employment market information mechanism is not perfect (18%). Almost all employers agreed that the employment problem of graduates "employment is mainly caused by the unreasonable position", to be sure, on behalf of the talent supply and training schools, graduates and demand on behalf of employers in cognition, expectations have a dislocation, how to meet the market demand, worth the school and the students seriously.

and graduates for work and school with professional degree, employers generally believe that graduates have combined with the above basic level (65.7%), regardless of corporate attributes why, for now generally higher education level and professional satisfaction. However, there are still close to 30% of the proportion of employers that professionals can not be combined. And that is very good only 7.5%, which shows that the supply and demand of talent training is not high matching.

in exactly what kind of training is qualified? How to integrate higher education and vocational education? Our colleges and universities in the end is to grasp their studies or employment? These problems lie before us. Manydiscussions in and outside the province a number of colleges and universities through the exchange of teachers and students and college employment guidance center, Jiangsu pilot talent combines the characteristics of teaching system in Colleges and universities, the research and development of the "training" entrepreneurial million college students Jiangsu pilot teaching system, fill the blank of academic education and vocational education in the field, to create a new the concept of modern education and provides a direction for students to complete their employment, provide a strong guarantee for normal school teaching.

the main service: job search, career guidance, job recommendation and packaging

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