Yunnan will send in the 13th Five-Year during the start-up spree

12th Five-Year has been successfully completed the construction of the five years of China’s economic growth slowed slightly but continued to increase, people’s livelihood has been a major reform in the field. "13th Five-Year" period, Yunnan will launch a new venture spree, help entrepreneurs to better plan for the future, to achieve entrepreneurial dreams of wealth.

2015 is about to pass, and the pace of 2016 is coming. The next 5 years, Yunnan in education, health care, employment and other livelihood areas will be how to develop? Yesterday, "the 13th Five-Year sail" to implement the twelve plenary session of the nine session of the provincial spirit of a series of press conferences in the final release, the theme of "sharing development".

at the end of November 2015

–   to help unemployed persons 107 thousand and 300 people

–   help the employment difficulty of 76 thousand and 500

help free up lending business loans,

led 253 thousand and 500 people in employment;

–   initial employment rate of college graduates reached 89.2%, 0.3 percentage points higher than last year

–   support 8789 college students’ entrepreneurial success

continue to raise the minimum wage standard

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