The road of Network Entrepreneurship Market

now the whole society there are many different network entrepreneurs, at the same time in the online business success is a science, in fact, in the online business is business rules, we have to take a look at it.

how online business online business of


for many small and medium-sized enterprises, because the trick is unable to grasp the online investment and the difficulty of network with gold. So how do the small and medium-sized enterprises of online investment, efforts to make good online money scene? According to the author’s own experience for small and medium-sized enterprises to share six tips online merchants "".

consulting with classified ads to attract

is a very expensive traditional media, a multitude of small and medium-sized enterprises website, how to make the product information, advertising investment and efficient communication to the target population? The Henan "apple juice Ludwig" is a network of classified advertising fashion. Compared with the traditional media, it is based on network technology, according to the industry and the region is divided into a number of content channels, for the target population of a fast and convenient, low cost of market information dissemination. So in the network, with the help of professional design elite "Ludwig epic" juice planning network investment promotion scheme:

1, a selection of more than and 50 famous related food website (the main push of the four big food website) put investment advertising information, these sites are more interested in the average daily yiershiwan visitors for food, distribution, the product can fully show the most likely with the intention of dealers;

2, the advertising form is recognized as the industry’s best home 5 seconds full color pages, can very shocking impact to every visitor, with   FLASH advertising, let the "epic Ludwig" to all visitors are impressed;

3. advertising price is very cheap, is the traditional media 1/6, general network media 1/2, three months only $20 thousand.

in addition, "Apple Ludwig" using the technology platform, rely on classified ads to attract dealers Advisory reply in all parts of the country, and then use the letter of offer marketing dealers, to promote their willingness to negotiate, and finally sign.

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