The waiter he really is a good service

customers want what kind of service, the waiter to provide quality services, such services are really good service? Is it really worth the restaurant? Is it really the recognition of customers? I’m afraid in many people’s impression that this is a good service, however, the waiter he really is a good service?

"solution" is not a real service

in the seafood restaurant, a guest ordered a seafood salad served as a pre dish, roasted lobster as a main course. At this point, the clerk said: "you are seafood, so the main course may choose to eat meat better. If it were me, I would order a lamb."

has always been accustomed to customer service, "says" the guest was surprised by his words, but also feel very happy. Because "I think" makes meals more enjoyable.

the waiter is not to impose their views on the customer, but with a "peer-to-peer" conversation, so that customers feel very cordial.

to provide such services, communication between the waiter and the restaurant kitchen is very important.

waiter to act as a "spokesperson" role, the chef to the concept of food to the customer. To fully understand the chef’s Thoughts on the food, then use the appropriate and specific language to introduce and recommend to the customer. If you can not do this, you can not achieve 50 to 50 service".

this relationship is based on the trust of the customer on the basis of customer service. If the face of customer questions, the waiter just use "very good", "best food" or the like to deal with it, as a professional staff is not qualified.

such a waiter even a lot of advice to the customer, the customer is just listen to even. Therefore, as a waiter, but also hard to learn cooking knowledge.

have the courage to "control" the customer

failure does not matter, to have the courage to control the customer. It is very important to make the customer feel this way. "Control" and "control" are completely different. To learn how to understand the intention of each customer, act before you say the demand. And let the customers enjoy the time in the store. This is "control".

but in fact there is no law of the restaurant is a lot of customer loyalty, therefore, the customer can only make their own decisions.

, for example, on a blind date, would like to have a good conversation with the woman next to her, but the waiter has never been

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