Yunnan micro enterprise platform to support the development of the recent on-line

now some Small and micro businesses pay more attention to social development, because some of the social Small and micro businesses plays a very important role, are very helpful for solving the employment problem in Yunnan, now with Small and micro businesses or businesses can get policy support.

there are a lot of government support policy can enjoy business in Yunnan, but how to get the funds to support, how to enjoy these policies? On the support of the work of the Yunnan micro enterprise information platform to see it, recently, the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Commerce and Industry released, the platform formally launched.

The whole electronic


the on-line "micro enterprises in Yunnan province foster work information platform", a total of 8 block construction.

"business people all know, the traditional registration first step to many names, to Industrial and Commercial Bureau audit may not be able to pass the name, became the first threshold to start on the road. And the new platform for the development of a special micro enterprise name online query system, the realization of the company’s name on the Internet to ensure that entrepreneurs to effectively and easily bid for the enterprise name." Yunnan province Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said, the 8 block construction contents of the new platform are very useful, including the entire electronic funds to support the application of online consultation, online applications accepted online, online review, online publicity, online monitoring, online statistics of "one-stop" service.

to support micro enterprise development, stimulate social investment activity, since last year, Yunnan province introduced a number of measures to support. In the "two 100 thousand" micro enterprise project as an example, this year (as of July 31st), a total of 11 thousand and 800 households in Yunnan micro enterprises submitted to support the application, which has the total number of employment more than 30 thousand people, an average of 6.7 people drive.

in support of the development of micro enterprises, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau also requires the implementation of industry and commerce at all levels of five non independent discipline regulations, is strictly prohibited to take the name of other people or in partnership with others such as the founder of micro enterprises to apply for subsidies; prohibited illegal procedures, and increase the threshold for intentional prevarication, non violation of micro enterprises; supporting policies and regulations, deliberately to relax the conditions, let the micro enterprises do not have the conditions through the trial; strictly specify the agency to micro enterprises, to participate in paid intermediary activities for micro enterprises; prohibited accepting property, micro enterprises accept banquets and a variety of consumer entertainment.

The construction contents include:

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