With the help of ABC Guizhou Rongzhi supports the development of local tourism

Guizhou is a city that we all know in our life, although the level of economic development of the city is not very good, but the local natural scenery is very charming. In January 5th, a reporter from the Agricultural Development Bank of Guizhou province China branch, Guizhou Province branch of the agricultural development bank through the intelligence support, to strengthen the "six leading", tourism development in poor areas of Guizhou boost. It is reported that, at present, the province’s tourism poverty alleviation project 116, loan demand of $52 billion 800 million, has been included in the Guizhou Provincial Agricultural Bank of China branch of the project loan poverty alleviation projects, the proposed loan amount of $11 billion 34.

issued by the Agricultural Bank of Guizhou branch of the six driving measures include: first, the construction of poverty alleviation. The first project for poverty alleviation loans will be 92 poor households to provide jobs, will increase the average income of 15 thousand and 900 yuan; two is the transfer of land to income poverty alleviation; three is the direct employment driven poverty alleviation; the four is to support rural tourism entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation; five is the tourism commodities driven by poverty.

With the help of the Guizhou

bank to develop the local tourism financial support, can be said to give full play to their advantages, the development of its own economic strength. Take the "scenic + cooperative + farmers" mode, with the development of Damascus peony, rose, characteristics of breeding farmers planting oil by cooperative guidance; to solve the employment problem of poor households through the processing of agricultural products; six is the scenic interest driven by poverty. The measure, to the end of 2019, the first tourism poverty alleviation loan project in Bijie City Baili Yi Yamahana valley scenic area construction will promote the local poverty driven annual income will reach 5000 yuan, to achieve a comprehensive poverty alleviation projects in the region.

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