Outdoor supplies stores are road

now, more and more people to open outdoor stores, the industry has become increasingly fierce competition, in which gold has become an easy thing. So, how to open outdoor goods store? What are the business skills?

1 seize the new donkey the most critical

outdoor sports is a hobby. A donkey " " travel purchase " ", the grade of general wardrobe; several thousand dollars to several million yuan, high-grade. Therefore, the snare to the new " donkey " the most important. And as long as the price is reasonable, for the first time, the next update, the majority of your customers.

open outdoor Sporting Club Hotel, is a snare " donkey " an effective way. The design of camping line, regularly pull a team, in addition to charge a fee of participants, all of the wardrobe under the package, make two. Of course, you can also engage in membership, each person a few dozen dollars a year, with a membership card to buy supplies, a number of concessions, stable source.

outdoor goods store how to operate? Often on the outdoor sports website chat friends, is also a snare " donkey " a good way. In addition to their own club, the need to consolidate and professional field club. They are outdoor goods store must pay attention to the bulk of the source.

2 professional services to win back

outdoor goods store how to operate? One of the most complete stores for outdoor sports supplies varieties. On the shelf, different styles of climbing shoes and clothes, climbing shovel and knife, etc.. There are thousands of dollars of foreign well-known brands of products, but also the production of some domestic manufacturers, only the compass with more than and 10 species. Full range of outdoor sports and professional, to be more competitive.

in addition, the product quality and professional standards of service is also a necessary factor for the success of outdoor sporting goods stores. It is understood that the purpose of the success of the outdoor store service is not to sell the most expensive goods to customers, but to recommend the most suitable products and the most popular outdoor sports routes. In the store, the reporter saw a lot of shelves placed on display around the travel books. If the customer wants to go to Yunnan, Lijiang travel, the salesperson will tell the customer to Lijiang where to stay, what drugs need to take, and help to check the local weather conditions, etc..

outdoor stores to run up the need for skills, but it is not very difficult to start the business, as long as you find the market, find the target, the shop is also close to making money. However, some recommended in the shop of time

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