Seven new ways for college students to start their own business

university graduates each year are numerous, many college students do not choose to work part-time, but choose their own business, the whole network for college students to recommend 7 new ways of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial wealth escort for you.

foreign trade clothing store

and the general foreign trade clothing store is different, they store clothes are generally purchase directly from Hongkong, but only this one, for the college students is to seize the consumer psychology, he also told reporters that now the university has a girl, the one and only the beautiful outfit, can let them in front of friends Hyun on for a while. He also introduced, in general, is to run the stock of this line, look at the store is the operation of other brothers thing, because they do not like to sit in a stable place. Now the store is already a small reputation, especially in the university campus, Chen Yang shop is a synonym for alternative.


I awake, I’m

day tour

in the mountain water play money

Iverson is a university student, likes to travel around the world, is her dream. The arrogant one, she use the summer at a friend’s introduction with the tour group to travel around the country, her job is "day care".

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