Taobao search ranking rules you know how much

when people want to buy things on the Internet, first of all, according to keyword search, your product name in line with the requirements of people’s search, it is likely to appear in the search page, more people are concerned about. Sellers want to achieve this goal, first of all need to be familiar with Taobao search rules and algorithms.

Four, a


1, single product model. Including: window recommendation, a single product price, single product browsing, single product collection, single product collection rate, single product sales, single product conversion rate, the rate of return on a single product, shelf time.

2, service model. Including: special service tag (the consumer protection association, credit card, lightning delivery, detail features, gold sellers baby charity, etc.) want service, favorable rate, DSR, shop service (refund rate, complaints), logistics services (delivery time, delivery time, logistics delivery time etc.).

3, shop model. Including: Shop irregularities, unsalable products usage, Alipay, credit rating, shop shop shop collection collection quantity, conversion rate, total store sales, Taobao traffic conversion etc..

4, text model. Including: the optimal product categories, attributes of the whole, attribute optimization, title, description, evaluation, baby goods store name, shop navigation, shop introduction etc..

1, the buyer’s history of purchase trajectory

if you love to buy baby products that are cost-effective, but also love buy in Tmall mall above, and most of the seller is to buy the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area, the end of a keyword search, Taobao will first show that conform to the habits you buy baby – a cost-effective, Tmall mall business moreover, the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area is.

2, buyers crowd characteristics

At present,

the classification of the population is mainly divided into six categories: gender, age, occupation, hobbies, purchasing power, etc.. Taobao

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