Shop to do business can often move new

there are a lot of people who live in a "safe", can do a lot of work, a place to stay for many years, if you hold such a character to entrepreneurship, will face a lot of competition, the possibility of a thriving business is not high. Although the funds are not sufficient for the operator, the opening of the store is not an easy task: do a license, pay rent, hire helper, both into the worry, but also worry about sales. Who wants to have a stable sales, in order to early recovery of investment and regeneration of money.

but, in addition to other factors, the shop should always think "move". Appropriate to move, not only can activate the customer’s desire to buy, but also dig out more business opportunities. Here are a few businessmen moving more successful example:

heavily grab store

sell primary and secondary school students learning supplies, store location is particularly important. Those far away from the school shop, its sales compared to the adjacent to the school gate at school or on the opposite side of the store is different. Wu boss experience deep. In 2003, he opened a stationery shop in a primary school from nearly 20 meters away, although the price of goods than the school nearby a few shop will be cheaper, but his shop is "dilute cold front traveling".

this, Wu boss "always regretted not to grab brood on" popular. Coincidentally, before the Spring Festival this year, Wu boss heard the stationery shop in front of the school to transfer and store goods immediately all over subcontract. Although the monthly rent of 500 yuan, but the goods go fast, the funds can be more than a few turns. See every day before school, after school store is crowded, Wu boss greeted, busy, was hilarious.

carefully "whole" counter

called the whole counter, is to let the store decoration and layout of goods more reasonable, more attractive to consumers. Open shop Qiu boss is a lighting expert in this area. As long as an idle down, he put away the streets around, creative "grafting" to own the store. Once, he forget in a five star hotel lobby, the light star giant chandelier to he left a deep impression.

returned to the store, he will store furnishings re combination, just from the luxurious chandelier in the Foshan Guangdong butterfly to install central, other lamps just as its foil. With the intention of customers will be met, the other lamps throughout the store temporarily extinguished, opened the lamp and especially the "shine", packed light. Through this method, he operates a luxury lighting in the peer selling than others.

for people out of performance

previously, the owner of the fast food shop to the boss

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