The new year is approaching how to fight

‘s new year’s Day is approaching, the mall, the market will set off a new round of selling frenzy, set off a new round of commercial war. So, in the face of the huge money good time, how to fight? How to seize the market, seize the opportunity? Xiaobian for you to take!

the fierce war as in the past, from the women’s day to day parents, to the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day, and in recent years the rise of the day, all the smoke and flames. Electronic commerce, retail stores, large shopping malls, wholesale distribution center is killed is a murky sky over a dark earth. This does not, Christmas and the new year is approaching, businesses and consumers are also sharpening, eager to a scuffle soon, are you ready?

says from the price, regardless of the industry, this time there will be two possibilities: one is a luxury, high consumer groups; one is the necessities of life, the goal of mass consumption. As a feature of the holiday economy: gifts, naturally biased towards high luxury goods, for personal use, is the popular consumer goods. From the value, it is very particular about. Modern people pay more attention to health, so that when the day to the end, send some is beneficial to health and beauty and health, anti-aging products or projects for themselves or their relatives and friends, is a good choice. In addition, such as environmental protection, natural products are also subject to consumer concern.

so, the author Song Xiaofei said: it is important to have a holiday economy, sales, also on weekdays the accumulation of reputation. Do not have to do anything false, do business is to be down-to-earth, step by step, out of their own style characteristics, to make their own brand reputation. We look back, shopping malls such as the battlefield, not only to the extent of the fierce competition is behind the many factors behind the commodity. >

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