Under the economic downturn snack industry is more worthy of investment

now when it comes to business, many people may be a loss, now business environment is not good, every day there are countless shops to collapse, businesses in this background, it is no advantage. But in fact, as long as we choose the right, even if the economic downturn, the same can also have a successful entrepreneurial choice, that is to enter the snack industry.

in 2016, facing the financial crisis, the domestic coal industry is blue, too late to react to collapse, steel, real estate, financial crisis facing the hitherto unknown, drinks, large hotels, large restaurant is also struggling in suffering, I do not know the future situation, ran before; the original food, clothing, shelter, for, with the growing recession, the original prosperous street, quietly disappeared in the personnel is slowly reduced, store.

investment will go from here? Entrepreneurial opportunities where? Wait for the opportunity, how should boil? And so how to wait?

snacks, a despised industry, a forgotten industry, one has been understood as many people spread the goods industry in recent years has created numerous legendary classic, Liu Bang Bang chicken, bang bang chicken, Chongqing small noodles, Tianfu must taste duck neck, Zhou Heiya, and aunt dumplings Yonghe soybean milk, braised chicken, duck, green Steamed Rice Honghe drought and the second pot noodle, chicken feet, Shaxian County snacks, fragrant garden bridge……

engaged in the cause of the cause of the 8 years, catering operation for 1 years, with the catering industry for the past 8 years to understand the great wealth behind the charm of their desire to personally believe that the economic depression is one of the pure land. I recently contacted a few real estate heavyweights, an investment in Jiangsu more than and 20 spicy hot pot shop, an investment in the more than and 200 Liuyang steamed food shop, the original of these people will not look at this project since 2016, why people frequent intervention:

, a food industry contains a huge capacity of wealth: Food and clothing, to eat the first row, just need to belong to the average consumption of products, no one day more than 20 yuan, the economic downturn, the Chinese people now to be 20 yuan of consumption and hesitation, which contains immeasurable wealth; as long as grasp the appropriate project, to create a miracle.


is a relatively small snack brand in the industry, because the technology of snacks is relatively low, investment is relatively small, so the threshold is relatively low, resulting in food industry do not have much capital, talent into the snack industry will not stagger fish, now has the most basic; guies with strong the capital advantage, build team ability, the marketing concept into the food industry, will subvert the traditional food industry.

three, due to the lack of talents in food industry management lag, lag, lag, brand marketing management lags behind, were reduced to spread the goods and the strength of forgotten, because.

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