Hunan first 122 year old body is still very healthy longevity

Chinese pays more attention to the life, at the same time, people think the next longevity is more fortunate, and to say that such a longevity, but very simple, she is 122 years old this year, but the body is still very good.

1893 was born in June 9th, 122 years old this year! In August 3rd, reporters in Fenghuang County, home to see the "Sanxiang first person" Tian Longyu, she was sitting on a floor fan side, constantly shaking the hands of the fan fan.

In fact, there are a lot of people are

and small series, for such a curious and longevity of the elderly, the reason most people are curious or should the elderly life fate, what is the reason for her so long, cheerful attitude should be the main reason.


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