How to join the small and medium sized food investment money King

now the market has a lot of small food and beverage projects, and people seem to be more interested in such projects. Very suitable for investors to start the first venture of the selected project size, small and medium food and beverage to join the project market prospects? The following Xiaobian for everyone to do a detailed analysis.

fast view summary:

must follow suit is too tight, staking

management is not a difficult

"Jijiwaiwai" catering to join the Group founder Liu Shengjia believes that the problem is not the expansion of small and medium-sized catering management bottleneck. Although the management of a shop and the management of several stores is not the same, but the principle is exactly the same, so management is not difficult. Besides, now there are many occupation managers, if entrepreneurs really do not have the ability to directly employ the occupation manager tube, can, do not need to bother yourself.

Qiuwen view summary:

money is easy to break

The overall competitiveness of

, no doubt expand.

The difficulty of management is a


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