How to control the invisible cost of franchisees

for the franchisee in terms of the most attention is the cost of joining, some joined the venture project threshold is low, the cost is not much demand, but some hidden costs found in the entrepreneurial process, and these hidden costs often is the main cause of the.

control can effectively make the management of dealers in accordance with the original plan of the hidden costs, while reducing costs, increase profits. We found that in the interview, the dealer contact cost mainly includes the following two aspects: customer maintenance cost and return cost.

China in human communication, most of the time is established on the basis of money. Some dealers sigh: do dealers do human. This sentiment is basically a customer for the dealer to maintain the situation. Customer care is to spend money, but spend less is a learning. Lee is a county-level dealers, agents of the brand is not much, the sales volume is not great, but, according to him, the annual cost of maintenance for the customer to reach about fifty thousand yuan, which is not a small number ah.

about customer maintenance, some dealers may believe that the two operators and manufacturers, etc. well, when they meet a completely drunken post address each other as brothers. Although the above content can also be regarded as a part of customer care, but it is superficial and one-sided. Moreover, blindly so go on, it is estimated that the cost of the dealer is not small, right? So how to start to spend less money for more effective customer service?

for manufacturers to play really

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