Female university students’ entrepreneurship by pork

a lot of college students are starting from the pull of the face, high not low, how many years of graduation in the work and no achievements. In fact, today’s college students are a lot of grasping, do not want to care about what the face of entrepreneurship.

the History Department of Yanbian University graduates, selling pork occupation – the two seemingly irrelevant and entrepreneurial elements in young women who together when juan. After graduating from job loss to open shop selling clothing, to save the cost of its O2O pork sales shop, at her stick around the rural hometown of Organic Black Pork the record in 2015 turnover of 5 million yuan, known as "the beauty of pork".

"graduated from the University in 2008, opened a clothing store in Taobao, but sales are not ideal." 1985 was born in the village of Dehui city of Jilin province and Xiang Zhou Jun clearly recalled, she was in his spare time for a site built in his hometown of pig’s father, did not expect the Internet to buy pork customers than to buy her clothes, she moved to hometown green breeding black pig to sell the idea.

2010 in January, the business and the father when Juan opened the first logo as a portrait of old Juan head stupid pork shop in Dehui city; 3 months later, her pork shop on Taobao; 3 years later, her store into the capital of Changchun…… Juan obviously good at grasping the line of the needs of the ecological food business, in addition to black pork, she also developed a crackling, pork dumplings, sausage and other derivatives.

in Changchun now has two stores, has a large breeding base in the home of the Ming Jun said, their future will continue to adhere to the ecological agriculture, strive to expand the business at the same time in the development of agricultural tourism, to drive more people to nearby employment, sharing her entrepreneurial achievements.



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