Getting rich in rural areas pigeon market concern

captured a farmer breeding brought countless new ways to get rich, people choose the culture object is not the same, can raise many dove investors, this is the new choice of many farmers get rich, new business opportunities, create new business opportunities, the absolute advantage is obvious, do not miss.

In the morning of

8 1, just before dawn, a white haired old man has been in the village of peace Dongkeng Town of Zhangping city a busy venue opened domestic pigeons. A row of well-proportioned pigeon cage, more than 5 thousand pairs of white feather pigeon habitat. The old man "armed", dressed in white, wearing white hat, wearing a pair of white masks. Feeding, cleaning, inspection, he is busy awfully.

", a retired and I want to do, the rest of my life, this is a good rest. Can be idle for a long time, the total feeling is not the taste, always looking for something to do." Talk to the reason, had to do the pigeon Huang said, "at that time, Zhangping pigeon market is still in the blank, and I’ve been in pigeon are very interested in, so I want to do a pigeon farm."

but, when Huang ideas of family and friends to discuss, dissenting voices can be heard without end. Everyone advised him: "hard for most of my life, now retired, can receive a monthly pension. Okay, you can go to travel, or flowers, why so hard?"

"when first online search related information, then went to the field to study the nearby counties of pigeon. I also mobilized some of the village’s retired, laid-off workers to join my pigeon farm. Pigeon grew up, can sell, I went to the hotel to sell a family run. Every day not bright, I got up, busy until the middle of the night. Although very hard, but my heart is very full." Remember the hardships, Huang felt very happy.

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