College graduates in Qinghai accounted for 7.72%

employment rate of college graduates has always been the focus of attention at all levels of government, the government will register each year. And in December 27th, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, as of November 30th, the province’s public employment service agencies and personnel registered a total of 14389 college graduates employment registration, 12751 people, the overall employment rate of 88.62%.

Qinghai college graduates employment have gone? Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and social statistics, non-public enterprises to absorb, flexible employment, recruiting institutions, grassroots services recruitment and independent business accounting for a large, which attract non-public enterprises accounted for 26.48%, the number of recruiting institutions accounted for 14.12% of the number of independent entrepreneurs also accounted for 7.72%.

of course, there will be such a rate of employment and entrepreneurship, with the strong support of the local government is also a very big relationship. This year, the province’s total for enterprises to absorb the employment of college graduates trainee and entrepreneurship graduates to extend social security subsidies, reward 11 million 791 thousand and 900 yuan; issuing entrepreneurial loans 99 million 670 thousand yuan for 698 independent college graduates entrepreneurship, financial discount 5 million 848 thousand and 300 yuan.

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