Chuzhou will hold the first Youth nnovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

all over the country in order to mobilize people to actively venture, the introduction of a number of measures to help people carry out entrepreneurial activities in Anhui, Chuzhou will host the first venture to promote entrepreneurship.

to mobilize young people to actively respond to the national "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call of Chuzhou City, the Department will jointly held the first Chuzhou Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, encouragement and support more young people to enhance the awareness of innovation, improve business skills, to join the business practice.

It is reported that this contest is

, by the municipal Party committee, Municipal Bureau of human resources and social development and Reform Commission, the city’s first Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by a number of departments and Information Commission, the Bureau of Commerce, agriculture etc.. The contest participants is the city’s 18 to 45 years of Chuzhou’s young or in Chuzhou youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects and innovation projects can participate in the contest. The entry requirement is with certain entrepreneurial ability and feasible venture, innovation project in recent years through independent innovation, invention and utility model has certain technical content and market prospect of patents, including information services, software design and development, cultural and creative products and services can be contestants participating in or authorized invention patent, or outside production, can also be a possible concept of product or service.



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