4G has arrived, is 5G still far away Fujian 2020 will achieve 5G

in the current life, the fastest speed than 4G, to provide consumers with fast speed, the operation is more convenient. So, 4G has arrived, 5G is far? Fujian in 2020 will achieve 5G, and the following Xiaobian detailed understanding.

provincial government issued yesterday, Fujian province to promote the development of large data implementation plan (2016 – 2020), the reporter learned that, by 2020, the province will promote the 5G technology test, to achieve the lead and lead the development of 5G. Comprehensive use of government affairs, public utilities, urban operations, commercial services and production and other areas of life.

it is understood that the province will accelerate the construction of broadband networks, cloud computing and innovation platform. The implementation of all-optical network project, the province’s administrative villages fiber rate reached 100%, 4G to achieve comprehensive coverage of urban and rural 4G signal covering all administrative villages, covering a wide range of hot WLAN. 5G technology to further promote the test, to achieve the first application of 5G and leading development.

at the same time, the "program" requirements to support the construction of a batch of third large data development technology platform, open government data platform to construct a unified, data query, data download, product application interface and other services to the public. Implementation of unified identity authentication, open data traceability. On the strengthening of the government in precision management, finance and taxation, comprehensive law enforcement, digital urban management, foreign affairs management, household management, real estate registration actively use big data technology and other fields, tracing the whole process of business data, improve the accuracy of business execution.

province will also expand the application of big data in the field of public services, by optimizing the allocation of public resources, the development of various types of convenience applications, improve the level of public services. Big data applications to carry out social security, health care, education and training, give priority to cultural tourism, transport and logistics and other fields, through large data correlation analysis, perceived in advance service object status and needs, provide personalized and service objects of active service. Accelerate cross sectoral information sharing of public service matters, and promote public services in various sectors of the convergence of each other, change the people back and forth as the Department of CO operation".

addition, our province will also promote big data, networking, cloud computing, mobile Internet and 3D printing, personalized integration and development of a new generation of information technology, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and emerging industries to accelerate development.

Internet plus era, network has become an important part of life, the local network can be connected with the world. With the development of science and technology, Fujian in 2020 will achieve 5G, will be able to provide users with a more rapid network speed!

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