Zhang Xiaodong to share with you the rich experience

be rich leaders, to realize their dreams of wealth, but also to help others. Below, let us walk into such a figure. From the beginning of 1992, five Jiang Zhen Erdaojiang District five village villager Zhang Xiaodong had a large area of greenhouse vegetable cultivation idea, this is due to the greenhouse vegetable variety, and make up for the defects of the plant growth period, not only ensure the vegetable planting evergreen, and can play the listed time difference to obtain the rich benefits of planting.

1994, "the Zhang Xiaodong seize the favorable opportunity to helping farmers entrepreneurial activities, the town Party committee, government help built solar greenhouse, covers an area of 2 acres, planting cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables, then it made a good harvest of good results. At the beginning of operation greenhouse, he repeatedly went out to study, consult with experienced vegetable planting expert, but also buy a lot of books now, he has carefully studied, summed up a set of scientific methods of cultivation, his greenhouse production of more than 10 thousand kilograms of vegetables, the output value of more than 60 thousand yuan, net income of nearly 50 thousand yuan, many times by Zhang Xiaodong named "entrepreneurial star". There are three main rich experience in

Zhang Xiaodong:

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