What are the advantages of South Korea’s Three Bears

Korean delicacy developed in the Chinese brand also has many well-known brands, are relying on high-quality power to obtain the trust of consumers, take the food and beverage industry three bears Korean restaurant. The three Xi’an bears Catering Management Limited exclusive Korean brands catering, is the real brand from South Korea, after 5 years of continuous exploration and innovation, with rich experience and dedication to the delicacy, to create the first brand of Korean snacks to join the three bears are Korean food.

what are the advantages of the three bears in Korea? The main points are as follows: six

1, brand stronger. China’s Korean food industry in China’s real estate industry well-known brands, joined the authorization, free decoration design drawings, enjoy the protection of the market.

2, logistics more punctual. Three bears fashion Korean meal and the 17 contract logistics company, has a professional online ordering platform to ensure that raw materials throughout the country to arrive on time.

3, more efficient operation. Unified service, unified management, unified distribution, unified price, unified publicity, to join stores to share resources, greatly reducing operating costs, improve efficiency and effectiveness.

4, simple operation. 100 a variety of products are all free of smoke, no fire for production, stalls shop can easily operate 2 people, 3-5 days to learn, easy to operate.

5, more comprehensive training. Professional trainer for training, store management, health management, inventory management, ordering system, membership card promotion system, store opening activities, promotional activities all fix.

6, shop easier. Between 8 and 140 square meters of any area, you can open the South Korea’s three bear fashion restaurant, shop in the last two weeks, a shop top N shop.

South Korea three bears in 2004 to enter China, for the Korean food market has made a huge contribution to the operation of the past 11 years, a large number of accumulated brand value and profit experience. 2014 officially entered the global market, the layout of the store opened around. Follow the big brand, enjoy the great potential of good brands. The three bears the kingdom of Duke’s super skills for your shop escort, let you four profit is not closing.

read the above introduction, if you are interested in joining the brand, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange to see the message after the staff contact you.

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