The province’s first college founded in Jinzhong

has now started to venture into a new era of social subject, at the same time, in life, there are a lot of people who have entrepreneurial ideas, at the same time, Jinzhong is now in Shanxi to set up the first business school.

7 10, Shanxi Agricultural University Institute of information held a new model of innovation and entrepreneurship to build a new model of integration of production and education, school enterprise cooperation exchange. At the same time, the school of entrepreneurship College inaugurated.

it is reported that the Shanxi Agricultural University Information Institute is an independent college in our province in the establishment of the first "business school". The College of business school will integrate quality resources, to provide students with innovative knowledge education, entrepreneurship training, Sandbox practice education in one of the all-round and open service system to college students’ entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education in the process of personnel training, training applied innovative talents.

Yes, in fact, business content is too much, so it is a separate knowledge of independence, the establishment of the Jinzhong business school is a help for people’s entrepreneurial behavior.


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