Science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship to make Qinghai to sell to the North Canton

in order to quickly occupy a favorable position in the current fierce competition in the market, recognized the most effective business is to grasp the essence of advanced science and technology innovation. With leading technology, can quickly promote the product to achieve economic drive.

"made in Qinghai to sell to the north of Guangzhou, relying on technological innovation." He Lianshou, deputy general manager of the company said happily.

"12th Five-Year" since the high-tech industry in our province accounted for the regulation of industrial proportion increased from 3.4% to 6.2%, the province’s industrial transformation and upgrading of substantive progress. But it is undeniable that the "28 indicators system in 12th Five-Year" planning, science and technology investment of non-public economy, the proportion of GDP two indicators is the gap, reflects the vitality of the market in our province, lack of innovation ability is not strong issues still outstanding.

this "13th Five-Year" period, innovation is given a new height.

"plan (Draft)" proposed by  , to drive the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Around the system to promote the formation of innovation, accelerate innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, cultivate leading enterprises rely more on innovation driven. Focus on the implementation of science and technology, high-tech enterprises "two double" engineering and technology "little giant" plan, the implementation of the "high-end innovative talents people plan, construction and improvement of the 100 enterprise engineering technology center and Key Laboratory, built 5 national science and technology innovation platform, strive to foster the development of new energy.

the construction of green recycling industry system. We will further promote the development of the national circular economy development zone, build a green cycle, innovation driven, distinctive features, significant benefits of the industrial system, and continuously enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. Implementation of the "three zones" agriculture and animal husbandry development strategy, efforts to build the "four billion yuan" industry. The implementation of the traditional industry, one hundred transformation and upgrading project, rolling implementation of the hundred innovative tackling the project, and strive to build four billion industrial clusters. Continue to build the great beauty of Qinghai, and strive to build a plateau tourism province. Consolidate and improve the financial, trade, logistics and other industries, and promote the development of service industry.

of course of technological innovation is not a simple matter, whether it is Small and micro businesses still have ample strength of large enterprises, need to constantly cultivate the spirit of innovation and innovation in energy, to accumulate steadily, blockbuster.

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