As of 5.24 Suzhou land turnover has reached 75 billion 440 million

land market and the property market has been the close attention of the masses. According to the latest news shows: as of May 24th, Suzhou land turnover reached 75 billion 440 million. Suzhou land market in the face of such a hot situation, then the land market will be how?

as of May 24th, Suzhou land turnover has reached 75 billion 440 million, an increase of up to 860%.

since May, the second tier cities in the property market and land market continued staged fiery quotes.

in Suzhou after the introduction of limited land premium, and did not stop the enthusiasm of the land market. As of May 24th 6 pm, Suzhou land market turnover of 11 cases, the total amount of up to 23 billion 570 million. Average land premium rate of more than 110%.


group took 31 days to the floor price reached 19196 yuan / square meters.

CAC group (19.100, -0.02, -0.10%) and agile also for the first time in Suzhou, they take the land plots have exceeded 15000 yuan / square meters.

Central Plains real estate market research statistics show that as of today, Suzhou land turnover has reached 75 billion 440 million, an increase of up to 860%.

prior to the evening of 18, Suzhou City Land Resources Bureau official website announcement, part of the land auction approved by the municipal government to develop at the beginning of May 23rd set the highest price, to offer more than the highest offer, the termination of the land, the bidding result is invalid. This policy is currently, and did not prevent the housing prices to grab crazy enthusiasm.

is not only Suzhou. The second tier city in 2016 to become the hot land market transactions in the city of concentration, the amount of the first ten, second tier city up to 8; the first ten big city, the amount of 5 months before the sale of up to 412 billion 215 million, rose 97.4%; Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei land average premium rate as high as 100%.

Zhongyuan Real Estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that the second tier cities rose more than the first tier cities is the main reason for policy. In March first-tier cities introduced restrictive policies in different intensity of the suppression of first-tier cities prices; from the purchase, credit limit policy, second tier city is also very relaxed, resulting in April before the funds loose, active investment.

addition, a few second tier city itself determines the city led the supply and demand structure. Xiamen, Nanjing, Hefei city in the current inventory to accelerate the process, 4 second tier city stock total 12 million 70 thousand square meters, recommended

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