Huaihua poor village pigs depends on soil life well-off society

in the process of rapid development, the traditional development model can not reflect the market demand, the poor village of Huaihua city of pigs depends on soil life well-off society. Look at the young Earth alive and kicking Yan Xi Xiang, Hunan city of Huaihua Province, a poor villagers in Xupu county. These two days, Yan Xi Xiang Mantianxing yaozhai breeding base for the local loess ridge, thunder hole, tile village, auspicious, Zhu home village more than and 180 poor villagers free distribution of more than and 200 soil pigs.

stars yaozhai breeding base engaged in farming for four years, has a very rich experience in the prevention and treatment of diseases of poultry and livestock, the base formed a certain scale. Base for He Wenhua, the free distribution value of 15 yuan soil pigs, take "cooperatives + farmers" mode of operation, the villagers used traditional methods of feeding pigs grow up soil at the market price unified recovery, unified sales.

in addition, the technical staff will come home guidance, epidemic prevention, supervision, to ensure that the traditional method of pig breeding pigs, growth and safety, to ensure that the villagers can increase, can become rich, zero risk. Because the whole process of pig breeding using traditional green feed, pork taste good, good nutrition, so basically do not worry about the market. In the soil of pigs adoption scene, many e-commerce companies, catering companies, schools and other units have signed a purchase agreement.

entrepreneurship is not only prevalent in the vast majority of the city, while in some poor areas is also very popular, as long as the choice of a good quality projects, entrepreneurship to make life better and better! The same day, the base also signed a pig farming agreement with the villagers. The two sides agreed, farmers must according to the traditional method of feeding pigs to soil distribution, midway not free resale, slaughter. The villagers have said that in the future will certainly do a good job of aquaculture development and production, as soon as possible to get rid of poverty.

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