What are the conditions for joining the Pizza Hut

we all know, like pizza hut such delicacy, whether children or adults are very fond of the delicacy. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the project is very hut, the choice of business opportunities!

each franchisee initial investment is basically the same

What are the conditions for joining the

Pizza Hut? How much to join the fee? The new franchise will be authorized in a certain area to open and run a restaurant, a total investment of each restaurant in more than 2 million yuan (excluding real estate purchase), require franchisees to at least the value of the total assets of 5 million yuan. The franchisor may arrange financing. However, the proportion of the franchisee’s own funds invested in the project is not less than 70%.

pizza hut to join conditions, select the

join area

According to the

Chinese China Yum in the overall development needs, at present, pizza hut only carried out Shanghai, Beijing China win ZJS in franchise.

training is the key to success

successful candidates in the restaurant before will be required to participate in a wide range of content for a period of 14 weeks of training, 14 weeks of training so that the restaurants are joining hands to operate effectively, a successful restaurant need to be aware of the duty management, leadership courses in restaurants. Franchisee in the restaurant after the opening, but also to join the franchisee long-term restaurant management practice. In the training process, the future of the franchise will bear their own costs (the cost of transportation, the cost of living).

for both sides, this is a big investment

before you get a franchise opportunity, you must be aware that this is a great commitment to both sides, which is very important. The capital you invest is substantial and there is risk. Before starting, pizza hut, hope you seek independent financial guidance.

wants to succeed the franchisee, the success of the venture, to choose to join the Pizza Hut? Pizza Hut franchises, worthy of your choice, worthy of your favor. So, what are you hesitating about? Come and leave a message!

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