The use of their own funds to do poineering work outlet will be better

is now a lot of people are thinking of starting a business, but their own funds are not enough, so the partnership venture has become a lot of people’s choice. However, the business partnership is afraid of partner divestment, in this case, the shop will be very difficult to have a way out. So, if you want to start a business, you also need to have sufficient funds, so that the entrepreneurial success rate will be higher.

There is a grocery store near my home and Xiangzi

shop, the owner is a handsome young man, surnamed Li, next to his shop near the County canal of the old city, some remote location, some are idle around the dilapidated cottage, to store the customer, deputy food goods store and shop so easily expired metamorphism. There are more than two years, Lee boss did not earn money.

some time ago, I went out to deliver, after Lee boss shop, saw his home shop door posted a notice of the transfer shop. Boss Lee told me that he has been in the east of the county seat of the foreign family downstairs rented a shop, and friends of joint venture supermarket, is currently open to try. Lee said the boss of the place, is the most prosperous part of our county town, not only a good location, large traffic, the store’s business area is also large, where to open a supermarket, a good prospect.

the size of the store boss Lee with a partner to open the small, more than and 800 square meters of business area, and his partner, and adhere to the rented two floor, two investment and buy a lot of fitness equipment on the two floor opened a gym. Lee boss shop for the past two years did not save much money, the partnership with a friend to open a large supermarket funds borrowed from relatives, to buy fitness equipment, Lee boss and bank loans to 50 thousand yuan.

however, this big supermarket business is not as simple as they had expected, not only with enthusiasm can make profit shop shop rolling, new supermarket area location is good, but need to store employees, the rent is high, a few months down, they remove the rent fee, supermarket staff wages and hydropower all fees and expenses, some money left over to the hands of the boss Lee, dividends did not have enough money to pay for the interest he.

Lee boss partner to see this situation, but also do not want to go to the supermarket to invest in stock. Confusion in management and profit sharing disputes often appear in their supermarket in the partnership process, less than a year, because of liquidity problems, eventually forced to liquidate the supermarket. Boss Lee had once again rented a small shop selling and processing partner separation those obtained inventory backlog of goods and fitness equipment.

with the rapid development of the market economy, in the current independent business as the boss of the trend, there are more and more people choose to shop entrepreneurship. Because there is not enough money deposits, entrepreneurs because of their lack of strength or in order to disperse some of the risks, some people choose to join a strong

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