2016 Qingdao to strengthen employment, return home entrepreneurship priority support

look back 2015, Shandong has made good progress in the development of entrepreneurship and employment. This advantage will be brought into 2016, providing guidance for the majority of workers looking for the future direction of development.

"employment priority opinions" put forward by the end of 2018, the city’s total of 1 million new urban jobs, entrepreneurship support 100 thousand people, the registered urban unemployment rate below 4%, the employment situation remained generally stable. The views from the integration of employment and economic integration, promote public entrepreneurship projects, to promote employment of key groups, strengthen vocational skills training, the implementation of employment boost action 5 aspects of the introduction of the 25 policy measures. Among them, the first new urban employment, the unemployment rate as an important indicator of macroeconomic regulation and control, into the national economic and social development plan and annual plan. At the same time, the implementation of policies to reduce unemployment insurance rates, the city’s unified implementation of 1.5% of the unemployment insurance premium rate.

"employment priority opinions, and other key groups of college graduates in employment, the city will implement the plan of college graduates to grass-roots employment, three of a help and other grass-roots project graduates to the town streets, institutions with over 1 years of service, such as the vacancy, after passing the examination, and a unit of not less than 3 years of employment contract.

the implementation of employment assistance to disadvantaged groups, increase the difficulty employment assistance efforts to ensure zero employment families, minimum living guarantee for families and other needy families with at least 1 people in employment. Establish and improve the social assistance and employment linkage mechanism, especially put forward, to achieve employment or entrepreneurial residents, accounting in their household income, can deduct the necessary employment costs, within a certain period of labor income is not included in the family income.

"home business" series of policies and measures to encourage the support of migrant workers, college students, retired soldiers and rural youth workers (hereinafter referred to as the migrant workers returning home for business personnel). By the end of 2018, the city will support migrant workers and other personnel to return home to start 10 thousand people, the organization of migrant workers and other personnel skills training of 10 thousand people, entrepreneurship training for the people of the people, cultivate about 100 to the entrepreneurial leader of rural entrepreneurship in.

"home business advice" to further reduce the threshold of home business, to relax the conditions for registration of business entities to implement residence, according to a multi site, according to a multi site cluster and registration, to engage in non store retail business of the individual industrial and commercial households allow according to a multi site". Encourage the city district based on the existing various development zones, agricultural industrial park and idle land, recommended

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