How to choose food chain franchise brand

China is now ushered in a business tide, because what kind of people want their lives to become better, want to get rich as soon as possible, in addition to the country’s instigation, the number of Chinese entrepreneurs increased year by year. For those who want to enter the food and beverage industry entrepreneurs, how to choose to join the brand for the success or failure of the business is crucial, so we have to be careful. I joined the brand on the market situation of food and beverage, for everyone to make a little analysis, hoping to help entrepreneurs:

how to choose food and beverage franchise brand entrepreneurs can consider the following factors:

1, brand advantage

is not necessarily the best of the best. Some of the advertising is done. The first choice brand has a unique selling point, can cause the resonance of the target user. Such as Huang Taiji, young Internet entrepreneurs, promote the thought of eating pancake fruit life, to get the user’s emotional identity. Second choice of taste and style of popularization, the general population can accept, the brand a large group of users, such as the little sheep Hot pot, third VI strong style, decoration personality, vision can be the first time the impact to the consumer, such as Rong Li, but this brand of decoration of the investment is relatively high.

2, cost considerations

catering entrepreneurs to do a comprehensive consideration of its own funds, the fund accounting can afford yourself the most clear, targeted, or late sustained investment funds, leading to funding strand breaks. If you own capital adequacy, can one-time investment 500 thousand to 2 million, is an investment entrepreneur, can be considered Beijing Roast Duck, tokusho Hot pot mode, Huang Jihuang. If you quit a stable job, there are hundreds of thousands of savings on hand, it certainly don’t think tall on large projects, start from some well-known snacks, low risk, higher chance of success. Such as Chongqing small noodles, Chengdu chicken pot, Guilin Rice noodles etc..

the cost of course should include the initial fee cost, but only a small fee total cost in restaurants in part, so entrepreneurs can not only choose in order to save the cost of cheap, very cheap for some can only teach you some of the most basic, no technical characteristics, can not provide a full range of shop management training, this brand often join survival rate is very low, you may save a franchise fee, but they have to bear the huge risk of failure, loss of rental stores, facade decoration fees, transfer fees, equipment costs and so on, the The loss outweighs the gain..

3, core technology

study of a enterprise is catering to join your savings into, to see whether this company has its own R & D core formula has a unique taste and cooking methods, and the best products to the standardization of production, manufacturers.

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