Gem the latest rally opened 1.65% again on 2000 points

following the previous gem dark period, the gem has recently been rising, believe that for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is a very good information. Recently, the latest news, the gem index rebounded to 2000 points opened 1.65%,  .

3 16 June 2007   gem index yesterday fell 2000 points mark, rebound this morning opened 1.65%, at 2029.92 points.

in the current 500 stocks, stocks rose 427, otherwise, Sichuan, Jinnuo Hao Zhi Electromechanical, Yi Sheng limit 4 shares.   stocks fell 9, square straight technology limit, Ding long shares fell 8.86%, Prudential shares fell more than 2%, Anoky etc..


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