Choose to join the project trick

if the entrepreneurs want to play their own brand, not ready to go to join the road, it is a little hard for more. In contrast, it is easier to join agents. Join the brand agent has a certain market and foundation, can help you easily earn the wealth of life. Of course, in this process, to the target industry, the target brand to carry out multi investigation, how to pick the real value, suitable for their own brands, is the first test of the franchisee entrance.

1 select industry

set reasonable investment expectations: the franchisee is small and medium investors, itself has a certain financial pressure, some industries slow flow of capital, according to their expected rate of return on capital to choose the industry.

know more details: line rules, more detailed the better.

2 re-election to join the main

of foreign brands may be careful wait-and-see: especially just entering the market Chinese foreign brands, often take a few years to adapt to the localization, may wish to wait even The climate does not suit one., be careful.

see franchisees to your requirements: many franchisees want to be "shuaishouzhanggui", not only money output; there is also "Tandaqiuquan, want to immediately open shop. Those who refuse to "shuaishouzhanggui" and "Tandaqiuquan, and will join the training of their own brands are often responsible for.

to visit: not only to join the main different store visits, we need to look at the company’s internal strength, if not give you the confidence to 50%, how can


Zhiyingdian is important: join a major task is to teach master franchisee to make money, but must first have their own continuing ability to provide consumers with quality service, the best outlets is the image – >

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