Cigarette and liquor vendor holiday promotions to be diligent in communication

is now a lot of bosses, although it is a promotional activities, but are standing on their own point of view, not able to communicate with customers, resulting in sales promotion is not ideal. In fact, during the holiday season is not only to improve the retail sales of gold golden opportunity, but also a good opportunity to cultivate new brands. If using the festival to timely launch of several new methods properly, can lay a good foundation for the holiday market.

some retailers do not like to launch new products during the holiday season, they believe that the holiday is a rare promotional opportunities, sales of mature brands more effort, and easy to win profits. But this is always a passive acceptance of the brand has been mature, a long time, the ability to resist the risk of retail households will be weakened, easy to fall into a passive situation.

Jiangsu Yang boss has considerable experience. Yang boss has always been conservative sell several local selling mature tobacco brands, for new brands do not dare to try. In a local wine brand customer manager’s patience and persuasion, it is because the face can not get through, only a small number of recommended brands during the holiday season to try.

didn’t think after afterwards, found that sales is really good, tasted the sweetness, Yang boss was strengthened with the customer communication manager. Yang boss shop now more and more kinds of cigarettes and wine, more and more rich products, but also dare to try new brands, holidays and other new products can also promote sales of other commodities. Yang boss store customers are now more and more, sales are growing.

during the holidays, it is also around the time the customer manager busy in the market, they also need to resort to the opportunity to promote a number of new brands to go out, but also need to smoke the hotel platform. And they come into contact with a number of markets, the integrity of the market there is a macro control, so retailers may wish to treat them as a staff, and more communication with them, ask them to help analyze the market situation. For the new brand, to try, to take the initiative, in order to obtain greater profits.

said that although many shops boss has a very rich experience, but this does not mean that the market has been enough to grasp, but does not mean that their decision is correct, therefore, more time in nature also need to listen to public opinion. So, if you are a smoke hotel owner, you decide to carry out holiday promotions, you will communicate?

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