Clever use of defects can help manage

once there are shortcomings, in the minds of many businesses, or can only be treated as waste, or only to reduce sales. However, if a change of ideas, clever use of some of these shortcomings, the results may be completely different oh. So, clever use of shortcomings, can help operate!

A woolen fabric

a woolen factory, in the processing of fabric carelessly, there are many small spots, can not be removed, resulting in a large backlog of products, all under the helpless. At this time, a designer suddenly thought: since it can not be cleared, why not let nature take its course, the spots will be transformed into a decorative defect? So in the process of wool factory intends to expand these spots, become a kind of unique color decoration. The results of this has become popular, nezi.

in the eyes of ordinary people, Nezi spots, the best way is to cut prices, these "bads" sold out, reduce losses. And this company is inventive, the spots into ornaments, will become disadvantages advantages, has become the best seller of goods. In the face of "accident", wool manufacturers "huannaojin" method is worth learning and reference.

I am afraid that many businessmen in the face of such a situation can only be depressed solution, however, such a special treatment, the clever use of the shortcomings, but it can play such unexpected results. So, if the goods have shortcomings, do not worry about how to deal with the price, may wish to think more, the results may be completely different oh.

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