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interest is a best teacher, start looking for a project, too, if you choose a project that you don’t love, you do it for a long time, will be bored, so start looking for a project, we must find a love of their own!

Effects of

in many social occupation, want to engage in some kind of occupation desire, as shown by your occupation interest. Interest is an important factor in the choice of entrepreneurial projects. Chen Ning Yang said: "the real secret of success is interest." It is one of the powerful driving force for people to engage in professional work. Some friends to the image of the interests of the surface to achieve, I would like to do, I like to do, I want to do". Many people have a wide range of hobbies, are interested in a variety of industries, no matter what their entrepreneurial projects will be able to do, but in the judgment of their most suitable to engage in entrepreneurial projects, the best set your center of interest, is also interested in interest. The central interest is that it is one of the most interesting and practical interests of the time.

in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurs may wish to ask yourself, I love this industry? I love to do this kind of work? Only have interest, people will be positive. Research shows that if a person is interested in a job, he can play all of his talent more than 80%, and the work process of creativity, initiative, not easy to fatigue, high efficiency. Even if it is a boring job in the opinion of others, practitioners will find fun. On the contrary, if he is not interested in is engaged in the work, then this work in his psychology will become a burden, can only play a 30% of his total to 20, and will be shown in the work is relatively passive, work attitude is very negative, low work efficiency, lethargy, mediocre inaction. A lot of successful entrepreneurs

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