T male jobs selling desserts profit over five thousand months

recently online news aroused strong concern, is mainly about the IT male to make hamburger day million. The following small series to introduce a IT male to start the process, but he is not the meat with the steamed bread, but selling desserts month profit over five thousand stories.

IT salespeople Zhou (a pseudonym) found in running sales, Chongqing dessert market business can do. So he decided to resign to Guangdong from back then invested fifty thousand in Monument for Liberation set up a dessert shop, in just three months to recover the cost. At present, his monthly net income is about 5000 to about 10 thousand.

Before starting

"store opened the first month to earn nearly twenty thousand in March, recovered 50 thousand yuan, and now every month can guarantee the net income of 5000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan." Zhou told reporters, his monthly turnover in 30 thousand to 40 thousand between the 50% and the removal of manufacturing costs, various taxes and fees 4000 yuan monthly rent of 3000 yuan, the staff wages, about 2000 yuan, the net income of his monthly in 5000 to 10 thousand yuan.


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