How to promote the restaurant service

a lot of restaurants will be taken to promote such a means, it is hoped that the store’s business has a better development, sales can be increased, profits can be increased. However, the current number of shops, although invested a lot, but the promotion effect is not ideal. In fact, want to really play a role in the promotion of the restaurant, we also need to do a good job related promotional services. So, how to do a good job in the promotion of the restaurant service?

first, the restaurant to promote the concept of promotion. The most important thing is to make it clear that the cost of retaining an old customer is less than 80% of that of a new customer. Restaurants should try to keep old customers in the customer base. Be familiar with the old customer, should as far as possible to grasp the old customer information (by manager and customer exchange name card master customer work unit, position and contact method; through communication about family, marriage, birthday and origin; customers understand the customer hobby cuisine, culture and habits; to listen to the views of customers of the restaurant).

restaurant to take the initiative to maintain regular contact with old customers, (for example: the reception of customers, in the year after the restaurant should send a congratulatory letter to the newly married couple and wish them a happy anniversary and welcome to the restaurant, you can prevent a person’s meals. A birthday or wedding anniversary of the customer should be recorded in one year after the initiative to contact, etc., to give the old customers cumulative reward.

followed by the organization of the restaurant promotion system should be a combination of professional promotion and promotion. Here to talk about the whole promotion is not simply refers to all the staff to introduce guests to dinner, it is important to ask: all employees and managers around the customer. To be clear: marketing is an attitude of all employees, rather than relying on a single sector.

third also has a variety of promotional methods. An American restaurant management experts through research, made 150 specific ways to promote the restaurant. We should also launch managers to create a variety of promotional methods suitable for China’s national conditions. For example: the restaurant held a theme night.

fourth, the restaurant also use modern scientific and technological means, the use of computers to establish and query the customer file feast, the various ways to collect customer information into the computer, can be timely and convenient query.


said sales promotion is often carried out in the promotion, however, if you do not do a good job of related services, want to make the same effect will be very difficult to promote. So, if you open a restaurant, you want to do a good job related promotions, these services also need to put more heart.

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