Cousin Hong Kong style tea restaurant popular entrepreneurs to join the business opportunities

modern people are busy, many people love to taste the delicacy on the weekend, in people’s choices, Hong Kong style tea restaurant popular with people, especially popular cousin tea restaurant, Hong Kong style tea tea restaurant franchise headquarters cousin features, to launch new delicious, to cater to the needs of the consumers.

it has a collection of Chinese and Western food culture in one, each region has a different style of decoration in Guangzhou branch, and Chongqing is the first branch opened. Chongqing total area covers an area of more than and 600 square meters, a total of more than and 200 seats, a seat, rooms and produced, can accommodate more than and 100 people dining.

‘s cousin, sirloin beef tendon, gum tender and refreshing, bite that column Hou flavor, mix ginger and garlic fragrance, coveted. Even the most ordinary a bowl of rice congee, fish also brewed, meet diners taste buds. Cousin tea restaurant and constantly in the introduction of new dishes, so that every time the customer comes to the cousin of the restaurant has a new surprise.

restaurant location is good, mainly in the downtown area, in the form of stores. The environment elegant, chic. Simple atmosphere is very eye-catching appearance. Marble wall and glass door with great texture. Cousin two words eye-catching eye-catching. Make it easy for customers to remember the brand name of Hongkong tea restaurant. Enter the shop, Hong Kong style thick oncoming. Sofa chair and marble coffee table is very collocation. Tableware is very western style, feel very special. The floor and the plain marble ceiling to make people feel fresh and natural. The exquisite chandelier hangs from the ceiling, very gorgeous, exquisite. The big glass image wall, covered with all kinds of old photos, people can not help but stop to watch and experience the culture and history of the tea restaurant. Green plants in the corner and column next to the growth of good, vibrant. On the table there are blooming flowers, very beautiful, very fragrant, people feel relaxed and happy, immersed in. Inside the bar, a large food price table, clearly marked the name and price of the dishes. The service is also in place, with every customer is always smiling, enthusiasm and patience, makes my heart warm.

noble not expensive tea won the most popular tea aroma, thick, light goods, very mellow, silky, let people drink impulse. The inside of the tea ingredients are rich, many yuan, many healthy ingredients are unique chef to join them. Soft sweet toast is also not to be missed, a white cousin "in the magical cream toast, amazing, chewing a toast, drink tea, this is the essence of tea restaurant? Very refreshing is also very intimate. Sirloin rib also won a lot of customers, the entrance is very soft and tender sirloin ribs is very delicious, taste, nutrition is very rich, very thick glial complement to the human body, has a powerful effect on many chronic diseases. Sirloin soup is made of dense rib, sweet but not greasy, soft but not rotten feeling just right. "

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