Visitors at the Hefei wildlife park wire accessories to see the tiger

during the Spring Festival, the tiger wounding, was reflected in the Hefei zoo, there are people in a flagrant way observation tiger, do not take into account their own safety. The day before, the media reported that the Hefei wild zoo visitors to ignore the grid closer view of the tiger, triggering hot.

recently, the media reported that in the Hefei zoo, some members of the public to watch the tiger close, in spite of the barbed wire "pulse power do not touch the warning signs, and even some people will be walking directly on the barbed wire.

visitors after the move was reported, but also sparked heated debate. Some people criticized the tourists do not abide by the rules of the law, while others questioned the park side, how is the visitors to the vicinity of the grid, the light is not good for tourists, the park side of the isolation measures to do a good job?"

in this regard, vice president of Hefei zoo vice president of the Yangtze River to Beijing News reporter, said the news headlines some exaggerated. Due to the pulse power grid is relatively fine, the report did not take photos. In fact, it is located in the barbed wire, separated by a few tens of centimeters. Therefore, visitors can only touch the barbed wire, is unable to touch the pulse power grid.

so, what is the role of the pulse power grid? Jiang Hao said that the main role of the pulse network is to alert the tiger to prevent its close to tourists. Although it has a high voltage, but the current is very low, no harm to the tiger.

no matter what the reason is, when you go to the zoo to play, be sure to stay away from the wild animal, because they are wild, if one is not careful, let the tiger have to take advantage of the machine, so that more families lost happiness. If the park has done to protect the responsibility and the necessary obligation to remind, the likelihood is that the tourists should bear the main responsibility. Therefore, visitors in the zoo to play, we must have a sense of rule.

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