Why the nternet cafe business failure is the reason for these

today, I got a phone call from a long lost friend. This is a magazine for 09 years I made most of the manuscript editing, most of the time, a fortnightly with my four article, using my real name, pen name, nickname, girlfriend net. He said that he has been paying close attention to me recently, and I have seen some things in the place of tiger sniffing.

awoken. Write to me, though not as Vince wetted the bed four words, but easy or can do.

so starting today, except for the occasional write some longer manuscript sent to other places, will insist on this account every day (kuaidaoqingyi520) and write something, may be related to product design, Internet, Tucao, workplace, scripts, reading, APP…… Wait。 Like to see, you point a praise, share. Don’t like to see, you also don’t scold, first, I don’t necessarily see, two is the Internet text so much, you save a little time, find a can let your heart beat "the heart of a young girl".

I want to say:

10 years ago, just after the SARS, as a poor university graduates will be pheasant every day I also hang out at the Internet cafe. With 3 high school students, 3 university students every day playing legend pick CS, xiaorizi really awfully. Until one day, the boss of our Internet cafe every day suddenly to shut the door. We were on the Internet’s feelings than female friends feelings is deep, a cutting knife next to the noodle statue we super VIP gold membership, until today, Sliced noodles heard three words, I have some nausea……

seven individuals, six individuals were voted three to fifty thousand in cash before, I was relatively poor, but as zanwei enthusiasts, with technology shares. With the Internet now the title of the Internet, I should be CTO, but then I have another loud call". When they asked me what I had for the shares and dividends, I simply said, "just let me play the game for free."

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