Shenzhen invited overseas students to study in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, known as the pioneer of China’s reform and opening up, has always been in the forefront of foreign development. Recently, Shenzhen held a special lecture, and actively promote the returnees stationed in Shenzhen entrepreneurial personnel to contribute to the development of regional economic development.

"graduated from University of Cambridge after returning home, welcome you to the bright new business and development……" Shenzhen New District Investment Promotion Center for the study area has always been Chinese University of Cambridge students issued a sincere invitation. November 13th morning, the center and the Chinese students and Scholars Association of University of Cambridge signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation, the two sides will be in the area of investment, technological innovation, personnel training and other aspects of international exchanges and cooperation.

returnees talent to participate in business, the domestic market and foreign markets linked more closely, they use foreign advanced business philosophy and excellent technology to promote domestic project development, improve the Shenzhen SAR and influence in the world economy in China.

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