Shenzhen Huaqiang North hit off their success story

is well-known in Shenzhen Huaqiang North electronic market, from the beginning of many years ago, there are countless entrepreneurs struggle, success and failure here…… 3 a success example recently a guest, "· tells the story; Huaqiang North", about their entrepreneurial growth experience.

when family and friends advised me, you are a scholar, a doctoral degree, in the big business are now out of their own identity, and can gain a foothold? I have done a joint venture in Europe for 10 years, multinational companies to learn what is not effective, I want to use my management to create a business, to exercise their own. As the electronics industry, although the sales, trading, but we actively support the development of high-tech China, our components and accessories are also "on" the "Shenzhou", "Shenzhou VI", Huaqiang North electronic counterparts have these high-tech enterprise credit.

2002 to Huaqiang North, starting from the counter, my dream is to set up a semiconductor company. 2010 began to prepare for the establishment of their own domestic semiconductor company, the project was set in 2011. To the second half of 2015, the product has been put on the market.

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