How to manage the cosmetics community store

fast-paced life, more and more people rely on a number of community stores. Therefore, if the owners operate properly, open a successful operation of the community store is a good choice. Of course, want to make such a store to bring more profit returns, naturally also need to grasp a better business strategy. So, how to manage the cosmetics community store?

a few years ago, the community shop has become the object of public business to serve the community shop take cities and seize territory, so it is. Although the community a single, less traffic, it is not the best location of the shop location. But far from the downtown area, and people living close to the distance, the most convenient place, which means not only in the rental and labor cost is greatly reduced, but also to develop a stable customer relationship, business situation is not worse than in urban areas.

although so, but it can often be seen that some of the cosmetics community store business is bleak, the owner complained about the smaller traffic, residents are accustomed to urban consumption and other reasons. Investigate its reason, but also to see whether the location of the store is clear, whether in the maintenance of customer sustainability.

clear positioning is the foundation of

in the washing cosmetics weekly reporter in the interview process, a number of cosmetics shop owner and the reporter referred to the positioning of the key, that is, to understand the basic situation of local residents.

There are 2 chemical chain

Wenzhou qianzhihe, are open in the nearby community residents. The shopkeeper Zhou Jiyong in the shop early, spent nearly two months to the area near the Capitol survey. If the number of survey area, the proportion of men and women, roughly how much the nearby supermarket, what hot products, consumer acceptance of services, residents go out for a walk time, understand the District Women’s skin care habits to distribute leaflets form etc..

after the investigation, Zhou Jiyong clarified the cell cluster for the end consumer groups, are a family of three, many of the young mother take care of the babies at home; most female consumers have beauty consciousness, but for taking care of the children away, no make-up habits, and because of the professional beauty salon the consumption level is too high to visit. On this basis, Zhou Jiyong decided the previous shop backyard operating cosmetics shop, the shop selling for the end of skin care products, make-up is less, and also with the children’s skin care products sales, backyard professional beauty skin care experience, but the charges than the low professional beauty salon.

Another example is the Hebei

color beauty cosmetics chain store owner Yang Shihong community, the investigation found that the area of many office workers, care consciousness is strong, for high-end consumer groups. So the community store is divided into two layers. The first floor is the main sales area, sales of CHCEDO, Herborist, etc. cataflam brand in the end, and also with L’OREAL, beauty pill and other high-end products, to meet some high-end consumer demand; the two floor is the experience area, including Manicure, facial care, care for members > Oil

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