How to reform and innovate teaching in Sichuan

with the change of the social environment, our related enterprises have been committed to the transformation and development of medical institutions are also constantly reform to meet the needs of market development. At the same time, our education industry reform task is urgently needed! So, what about Sichuan?

6 30, the Sichuan provincial teaching reform and Innovation Alliance (primary) preparatory meeting and the Longjiang Road Primary School, the twelfth teaching festival held in Chengdu. Longjiang Road Primary School, experimental primary school, Leshan normal school, Xichang primary school, Meishan primary school, the first second Deyang first primary school, Chengdu Yindu primary school teachers and 46 other schools were League school.

Longjiang Road Primary School Principals Yang Shangwei served as the first rotating presidency. Sichuan institute director Liu Tao said, hope that through the alliance, let the foreign positive impact of Sichuan Education "; to enhance the connotation of education, enhance the quality of education, the development of education in Sichuan had better let.

deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of education, said He Hao, Sichuan primary school teaching reform and innovation alliance to play a role in the reform and innovation, leading the whole Sichuan education continues to forge ahead. The first president of the innovation alliance, Longjiang Road Primary School Principals Yang Shangwei said that the preparation and establishment of the alliance, aimed at the local schools around the pool together, through exchanges, and seek common development.


teaching reform in Sichuan, through the alliance, in order to increase their strength, hope to keep more competitive advantage in the market, this desire can be achieved, for the specific impact and the development of our contemplation aftereffect!

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