How to achieve safe operation in autumn

no matter what kind of shop, there is no owner would like to own shop accident, but now the community is so complex, want to secure business, we need to do more hard work. China is a large agricultural country, as the saying goes "the usual suspects", refers to the autumn harvest, hand off, on the settlement of debts. However, there is a word called "an eventful year", refers to a fall of the busy busy kinds of income, on the other hand, didn’t have a "good harvest" of the people, can not achieve the usual suspects, so conflict incidents, naturally become "an eventful year". As a businessman, in the autumn of business, we must pay more attention to efforts to achieve safe operation.

based on my years of experience, from the national day after the new year’s day before this period of time, generally poor business. And from the National Day lunar Spring Festival this time, all kinds of criminal and civil cases showed multiple trend, serious social security problems, based on the two points above the conclusion is, our business people must be vigilant in their daily life experience. I think it should be strengthened from the following aspects.

Friendliness is conducive to business success. no trouble

autumn climate is dry, the human body moisture is more volatile, leading people will be irritable, angry, angry. So we have to consciously adjust the diet and sleep, the body nursed back to health to the best, in order to avoid the "Qiuzao" situation in what is happening.

if you encounter a type of irritability customers, we first want to manage their emotions, in the mind to understand that each other’s impatience is his own reasons, rather than I caused. Then politely and restrained communication, can contribute to the best business, can not reach a unified opinion can be temporarily abandoned. Dry autumn is the stage, customers will soon realize that their rude, and feel your tolerance, as long as the relationship is not deadlock, customers will come back, the business will be back.

Regardless of

as boundless as the sea and sky

business sometimes really wronged, there is always the customer with a tainted glasses look, believe you are a profiteer. You say A, he would B; you say B is good, he thinks you choose a perfunctory; finally, you from the shelf, he said you re not fresh samples; take out of the box, he said you are not going to change the smuggled goods……

More than half the people probably Italy

encountered such a situation, is really angry and amused the helpless. Well, meet such a person like this, do not care about do not have to worry about not to embarrass themselves. Now do not need to do more, do not need to say anything, you just need to smile to see each other, the other party will immediately make the final choice, quietly and quickly completed the sale of ok.

of course, want to do a good job in autumn, in addition to these two areas need to work hard, but also need to do a good job of anti theft >

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