Henan Volkswagen entrepreneurship prospects

in the whole society under the background of the times to encourage people to entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurs have become more and more, at the same time, the social public business has also brought a lot of vitality for the development of the whole society.

Yongcheng proves that public entrepreneurship, innovation helps to promote local economic restructuring, to create a new engine development, and enhance the development of new power, take the road of innovation driven development. To promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, can promote the full range of human, financial and other various market factors flow freely, institutional mechanisms can not realize the reasonable forced reform breakthrough, and ultimately enhance the operating efficiency of the whole economy. Yongcheng formed a lively situation for entrepreneurship, promote employment, public entrepreneurship, innovation and practice of the mass line, meet the requirement of people for a better life desire.

eighteen years, a healthy market economy to speed up the recovery and rapid development, the real significance of the knowledge economy and the new commercial civilization is on the rise. To our surprise, this is the innovation and entrepreneurial passion simmering entrepreneurs overtaking era. A new era, but also the opportunities and challenges of remodeling, ideas and patterns of reconstruction. Embrace the Internet, to keep up with the pace of national development, nine months, and the dance!

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