nto the old university of Hefei feel the learning atmosphere

is the so-called: "it is never too old to learn" but in the past, due to the limited level of economic development, so many people learning is relatively lagging behind. But into the Hefei elderly university, once they intuitively understand to what is called a hard to find: 8 lines opened in two campuses in the small, 75 majors, 252 classes, the average number of each class are around 50. The most popular calligraphy class, the number reached a maximum of eight or nine people in a class. Another "hot" dance class, a class of 40, the number reached more than 2 thousand people.

also entered the Hefei elderly university, also can directly realize what is called "old school": every classroom, grey-haired people, class attendance seriously, and actively in class exercises, kind of serious effort, no less than for the young students.

the old university in my life is the second spring, here I have a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling." Born in 1938, Geng inherited the old university student is loyal to 2001, has been unable to adapt to his retirement, sign up for a class of erhu. Soon, Geng inherited from the beginning of the musical instrument to play some tracks can be utterly ignorant of.

used this expertise, his enthusiastic organization of community elderly, set up a 100 art troupe, not just entertain themselves, and also during the holidays to other communities. Then, Geng inherits registration calligraphy classes, regular script, running script, official script have covered, but also became a member of the provincial calligraphers association.

84 year old Jiang Xiangui old, often jokes that he is "old students not graduate". The old university has opened 32 years to 26 years, Jiang Xiangui diligently. "I learned that the calligraphy and seal carving, from the beginning to learn a variety of fonts now studying calligraphy and studying two book wind, let my life more colorful." Every Wednesday for a while, Jiang Xiangui will be unshakable regardless of the weather, time in the old university classroom. After years of study, and now Jiang Xiangui has multiple identities: the creation of Chinese calligraphy and Painting Research Association, Anhui calligraphers association. He created the 18 meter long "Wanshou map" and nearly 40 meters long "hail", has great influence in the circle.

however, the capacity of an old university is limited after all. More and more elderly people want to continue to learn and enrich their lives". Hefei is committed to the formation of a new pattern of government led, social participation in the elderly education. Hefei old university executive vice president Hong Xinyi told reporters, in order to effectively alleviate the shortage of State Education in old age, Hefei has planned a new campus, the current project has entered the stage of tender design. The new campus construction area of more than 40 thousand square meters, including 10 thousand square meters of recommended

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